The courses listed will provide crucial Biblical background, context, and character studies throughout scripture which will provide the student with an overall synopsis of the Bible. Each book of the Bible will be reviewed in depth to help the student see the main themes of these books, tie them into the greater overarching architecture of the Bible as a whole, and be challenged to grow through application of this material in the lives of the students.

The goal of the classes is to provide Biblical literacy and long term impact through the study of scripture.

At the end of each class, the student will receive a continuing education certificate through Moody Bible Institute upon completion of all required tasks which are provided in the course syllabus and a passing final grade.

The classes will be concurrent in nature, and class registrations will be announced to the church and through the church website. Come join us as we seek to grow in an understanding of God and his nature and learn to be disciples of Christ!

BI0001 Old Testament Survey IA & IB

This certificate covers the books of the Bible from Genesis through Esther. This survey gives each book individual attention and provides their framework within the rest of the Bible as the basis for Biblical theology as the course will cover the Pentateuch, the pre and post Divided kingdom, and the Historical books. This framework is necessary for a true understanding of the Bible in regards to the promises of God and his plans through scripture.

BI0002 Old Testament Survey II

This certificate covers the books of the Bible from Job through Malachi. This survey is designed to provide an understanding of the major sections including the Poetry, Major, and Minor prophets and the role of these books within the canon of scripture. In addition to in-depth analysis of each book in regards to proper interpretation, historical background, and themes, the course will aid the student in understanding the prophetic nature of scripture and its relevance today.

BI0003 New Testament Survey I

This certificate covers the New Testament books of Matthew through Acts. This survey will provide the student with the life of Christ, the birth of the early church, and the theological doctrines of the Christian faith. The individual gospel themes, synoptic traditions, and application along with the early church traditions, church creeds, and Biblical narratives will be addressed and provide a solid foundation for the Christian faith.

BI0004 New Testament Survey II

This certificate covers the New Testament books of Romans through Revelation. This survey will provide an exposition of the individual letters, major and minor themes of each letter, formulation of Christian doctrinal statements in the church today, provide insight into the life of the early Christian, fulfillment of prophesy, instruction for today, and the future of the church and believers in Christ.

Testing and Expectations

Each course module will provide over 40 hours of instruction through weekly sermons, notes, handouts, study guides, and daily devotionals.

Cognitive understanding will be assessed through the administration of quizzes and tests. Quizzes will be provided at the end of each larger section (example: Pentateuch, Minor prophets, etc…) and final exam tests will be provided at the end of the Module for course completion.


Grading will be based on a Pass / No Pass basis – 75% or better is required for a passing grade. See course syllabus for further details.

Attendance Policy

It is expected that the student will have an 80% attendance rate / 90% sermon review required for certificate completion. This will be assessed during the final exams. All sermons, notes, and handouts are provided online for those who may be unable to meet weekly during the regular worship gatherings.

Upon Course Completion

With a passing grade, you will receive a Continuing Education Certificate from Moody Theological Seminary.